Open Letter to Malaysian regarding Hindraf Issue



   Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day to All,

                                As expected, our Barisan Nasional government have fully capitalized the issue to the extreme. I totally condemn the usage of Internal Security Act (ISA) against Hindraf leaders in this matter due to the denial of free and fair trial upon them because base on track records of ISA, none of the detainess had received any trial prior of their relesase.

                                I just would like to call every sane Malaysian to think deeply by analyzing this issue thoroughly not merely base on uncontrolled sentiment that has been fired in all cylinders by the government owned media. What you are facing currently is what we called ‘Political Propaganda’ to capitalise the issue to the fullest especially among the Malays.

                                No body likes violence on the streets or whatever it may be from. But to inflate the sentiment like never before is indeed an evil work of the Devil. Now, I would like to call upon all Malaysians to uphold your sane mind to analyze the issue not as a Malay, Chinese or Indian but as a human being. Surely the grievances of the Indians in our country that have been chanelled by Hindaf are not as simple as challenging the authority or purposely done to destabalize the country as what have been alleged by our corrupted Barisan Nasional government.

                                The issue of Indian’s society in Malaysia is no fantasy nor a hyperbole reality. The problems are there and exist in various means. They too suffer not because of the Malays are better off than them but they suffer under the grip of a small group of capitalist that govern and controlled corridor of power in this country. This capitalist can never be identified through racial identity. They are driven by the greed of wealth and power when they are in power in the expenses of normal people like us.

                Now I’m here not going to give my 100% support upon Hindraf as a whole but as I have mentioned before in my previous entry, as a human being who lay helpless upon my Creator, Justice upon any races is a must in what ever circumstances this country may be.  Only with Justice through uncorrupted judicial system this country will be safe than before.

                We have to be very aware that all those media bombardments to Hindraf by exaggerating the issues are pure class propaganda from Barisan Nasional government. They are trying very hard in whatever means to cripple the rising spirit of Malaysians who want justice in this very undemocratic system that we currently have.

Remember the election is just around the corner and Hindraf has been turn around to be their stepping tone to secure important votes from the majority of the ‘on the fence’ Malay voters in upcoming general election as BERSIH has dampen Barisan Nasional credibility by exposing their fiasco ranging from the dirty Rashid’s electioneering system to Lingam’s judicial cases.  They are very desperate and Hindraf has proven to be the antidote to rub down the wound for now.

                The real deal is the Indian and the Malay voters. The Chinese is already known to be a smart voter. To my Indian brother, I do share your plight for a better life and resentment towards injustices that your people have experienced through out the times. Hindraf maybe have become the scapegoat and your leadership have fallen under the grip of the capitalist nonetheless you still hold the truth about your people’s plight because you are the one who feels it. Now, I would like to beg your consience to mobilize your people to understand the real issue and not to over react in any means, time and place.

Let us cool off our heads and start to unite with other races political, and NGO leaders to discuss this potent issue rationally. They might have won the battle, but the war is not over yet.  Your vote means so much to change the status quo of your people. Be smart and decisive in choosing friends. If you can equip your people with bravery to mobilize Hindraf, I am surely believe you too can mobilize the Indians to vote the right candidate for this upcoming election.

                As to the Malays, we should never be trapped under the guise of racism in analyzing the current situation. We might have been experiencing 13th May with the Chinese due to extremism of thought from both sides but the root cause of this problem is truly lies upon racial segregration and the inequality that has been created by our colonial master, British.  Maybe Hindraf have place a wrong foot over the line that has been drawn nonetheless we should never dismiss their grievances totally.

A reasonable man judge fairly, unbiased and truthful. We should remember how the episode of our beloved Prophet Muhammad companion, Saidina Ali R.A  and the Jew who stole his armor. It has been stated how the Muslim judge acted fairly upon the Jew who purposely stole the armor of Ali.  Since Saidina Ali could not prove the armor was his even though he deeply know that the Jew stole his armor, the judge rule out the case in favour of the Jew. That is how Justice being done and later on the Jew embraced Islam due to his recognition upon justice Islam gave to him in the trials.

                As a Muslim, like what PAS and fellow Muslim NGOs have shown, we will never express our racial bigotry towards anybody.  Our struggle is purely base upon the values which we championed by all religion and races: Justice and Fairness. Who ever is wrong will deem to be guilty. Who ever is right even though he is a Jew must be treated fairly. The detainment of Hindraf leaders prove to be a violation of human rights if they are being detained without trial that has been prescribed in the Islamic teaching. Therefore, we should cry for justice in this matter to let those detainees to be tried fairly in court and if they prove to be guilty of their sedition action than do as what have been underlined under our rules and regulations.

                Last but not least, let us not be blinded with this Hindraf episode for a larger cause which is the general election next year. Let us hold our hands together as Malaysian and give our best to change this country from corrupted regime to a better one. We have been long enough giving them chances to lead this nation and they manage to provide them peace and security in expenses of our numbness to detect their violation of power upon our people for their greater interest. How can we let them live like a King and Queen while there are still people who eat snails for lunch and millions of middle class people suffers with a chaotic hidden economis suppression syndrome? Now, its time for a change and the best way under the sun is through voting for your best candidate in upcoming general election. Peace.