Resist and Change: A slogan for a Better World


It’s not to late to be aware upon the real situation that we have been living with. The reality is still being hidden beneath our consciousness but it is alive and waiting to be unearthed. This site is fully dedicated to a fight against neo-colonialism, a new phenomenon which replacing the classical colonialism upon every good, law-abiding citizen in this planet. It is more dangerous than the classical one due to the complexity of our modern days in various fields of life.

Occidentosis is a translated word of Persian language by the name of Gharbzadegi which is also a name of very important book that studies the Westernization effect. It was written by Jalal Ali Ahmad, an Iranian thinker and writer that lives on par with Ali Shariati in their quest to mobilize the Iranian people to fight against the dictatorship of the Shah of Iran. He was a celebrated fiction writer and his works have influenced the Iranian people as much as Ali Shariati’s contributions.

I suppose, to walk in Jalal Ali Ahmad shoes is something impossible to do with my current capacity, nonetheless as a human being, I believe in spiritual guidance that God has given to us to confront the challenges that exist in this life.

The TRUTH MUST BE SET FREE to liberate human being from the deception that has chained our mind for so long. Welcome and hope we will be able to contribute more in this struggle.